projects and references

Some of Holger’s achievements as a specialist in organizational development, leadership, change management and virtual collaboration:

Reaching out to more than 2000 leaders of a global oil and gas company (in more than 15 locations of Europe, Asia, Africa and America). The leadership development programme aims at changing the corporate culture towards bringing corporate values such as respect, safety, courage and One Team into every human interaction.

Improving collaboration in virtual teams of a global telecommunications provider (Germany) – effective processes, better tools, improved human interaction for globally distributed teams.

Change management in the aviation and shipping industry (France and China): training courses for middle managers in oder to improve individual awareness on the hidden dynamics of organizational development.

Helping a UN organization to successfully complete the merger of two departments (globally):  facilitating a visioning process, helping to understand and respect the painful aspects of change, managing change and moving from vision into action. Read the case study

Designing and delivering Train the Trainers programmes (six countries of the Middle East) for 60 project management experts in public and private organizations.

Consulting a large global anti-corruption NGO to understand and improve their processes of knowledge sharing and collaboration.




What others say:

“I have found Holger to be an intelligent and forward thinking person of initiative, who works in a very collaborative and proactive manner to achieve great results. In a marketplace full of charlatans, doomsayers and magic bean sellers, Holger is someone in whom I would place my trust. Put bluntly, if he’s selling you something, it’s worth buying.” (Richard Shipperbottom)

“Holger’s enthusiasm, inspiration and concrete action create environments in which people discover new levels of knowledge and experience. I’ve seen this happen several times and it is a truly gift. Moreover, he is a nice guy to work with.“ (Rik Berbé)

“Holger Nauheimer is an energetic, analytical and productive networking colleague of mine. He, if anybody, has managed to open new horizons on my work via global possibilities & contacts. Holger is a real power house and always eager to learn new things. He is very passionate about his work and able to pass his enthusiasm on his customers as well. I admire his work as a founder of Global Change Facilitation Network – CFAN. Holger´s motto could be Be the change instead of Manage the change.” (Annika Ranta)

“Holger is an innovator, an entrepreneur and a iconoclast who, with his Change Management Toolbook has done an enormous job of work to bring together diverse knowledge about change management to practitioners worldwide and in so doing has set a benchmark for us all.“ (Steve Banhegyi)

“Holger is a gifted facilitator of change management workshops who succeeds in unleashing the creative energies of large groups.” (Henning Karcher)

“Holger has the art of organizing and hosting events with a deep echo. He manages to create an environment in which conversations occur between the people attending. Great!” (Vincent de Waele)